Abys have big, loving personalities. They are active, always exploring, and getting into things and places all around the house including cupboards, closets, and fridges if you're not careful. Loyal to a fault, they will often follow their human guardian around the house to make sure they are not doing something interesting that needs their supervision. Sometimes they don’t even follow their humans around, but demand transportation on the shoulders of their favourite family member.

Abys are an athletic, medium sized, cats with males weighing in around 9-10 lbs and females 6-7 lbs and are one of the most immediately recognizable breeds.

Mischief trying to get into a bag of cat treats.
Abys love getting into things....including cupboards so they can grab the treat bags to mooch extra treats when their human guardians are not looking.

If a door is open, they will go through it, if a ledge is available, they will jump up to it, often to places the new Aby owner would never have expected their cat to get to. See your Aby peeking back at you from the top of you flat screen TV…..that’s totally normal for an Aby. An Abyssinians intelligence and activity level makes them ideal for the engaged cat owner who loves spending time with their four legged fur family.

Double Trouble surveying his realm from the top of the flatscreen tv. Reflection of Cody in the tv in the background.


A rare moment when and Aby is holding still.